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Confidence & Thinking Patterns – A great article by the Guardian which offers some insight into how our confidence can be shaped and re-shaped constantly during the day: www.theguardian.com/women-in-leadership/2016/jan/20/mind-blowing-how-your-thoughts-control-your-work-life-satisfaction

How Introverts & Extroverts respond to situations – If you’re interested in Myers Briggs or just the concept of introvert/extrovert, take a look at a great piece by Susan Cain, author of ‘Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’. www.quietrev.com/6-illustrations-that-show-what-its-like-in-an-introverts-head/

The Four Ways we Learn – It can often feel like there’s no shortage of challenging experiences with the speed and pace of work, yet it’s the work we do around them that can be so vital – reflecting on and understanding what makes them so challenging; having opportunities to practice and refine; having great conversations that stretch, challenge, enrich and engage us – that’s where the real magic and development happens. A real test for individuals and organisations i think – to see the value of the unseen, the subtle, the long term when everything around us screams NOW. That’s such an important skill – yet sometimes 1 great conversation, 1 quiet reflective moment, trying again to make it even better – they all help our progress. Brilliant visual of this by Tanmay Vora, click here – https://www.kickstartdevelopment.co.uk/what-we-do/inspiration-and-motivation/

Preparing for your ST3 Interview (Clinical Speciality Training Number) – Here’s 4 things to remember if you’re preparing for your ST3 interview, to help you get the best result. Preparing for ST3 Interview


…and breathe – a recent blog post about leadership

How to lead your team from a distance – A recent article I’ve written about the challenge of remote leadership. Contains 3 practical steps that will help you lead your team, from a distance, with more confidence and effectiveness How to Lead from a Distance

Six Leadership Styles – Daniel Goleman’s seminal article in Harvard Business Review connecting Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles. Still a brilliant article and a great starting point for learning about leadership styles Goleman HBR leadership_that_gets_results


When thoughts and values converge – a recent joint blog post, exploring what makes organisations extraodinary.

Making the link between Staff Engagement and Customer Experience – an interesting and informative report by The Hay Group Joining-the-dots-INT

Open University – Trends in Learning 2016: This report really got me thinking about L&D and how organisations use informal & incidental learning. Outside of work we’re brilliant at ‘search & find’ problem solving – YouTube for a leaking tap for example. So how do we bring this same engagement, focus, interest into the workplace? Encourage, inspire & excite people to do the same for business based problems, without wrapping it back up in rules and regulations? Here’s the report from The Open University Read the report here 

Simple isn’t easy – Changing the way the NHS communicates with patients: This is a superbly practical blog post about how changing appointment letters can have a positive impact on efficiency and effectiveness of patient appointments. Read the article here

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