Your First 100 Days – A Programme for New Managers

‘Your First 100 Days’ is a virtual programme that prepares and accompanies your new managers as they make this transition. Helping them increase their knowledge and confidence in specific management skills, and providing a framework of support to guide them expertly through their first 100 days.

Your new managers will have a network that encourages, is a source of knowledge, and focuses on getting them to a place where they feel and act with more confidence and assuredness.

Building Resilience

A free 60 minute webinar full of practical tips and techniques to help us manage the self talk in our head that can often chip away at our resilience.

“I would highly recommend this session if you’re looking for a safe and friendly space to gain some practical tips on how to build up your resilience in challenging situations, a great way to meet and learn from a diverse group of people” Lauren Macdonald, HR Manager.

For more information and to reserve your free space click here.

Virtual Facilitation Practice Group

A practice group for anyone about to start using virtual facilitation or webinars for the first time. It’s a chance to practice and try things out in a safe way before you go live in front of an audience.

“I’d highly recommend you give this a go if you’ve always wanted to do a webinar but have been too scared!”- Mel Wakeman, Nutrition Consultant & Coach, Wakeman Nutrion.

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