Here are the main differences you’ll notice when we work with your business.

We create bespoke programmes – If something is going to make a difference in your organisation, it needs to be reflective of your organisation, so we work hard to understand your goals, culture and values to help us make sure our programmes are aligned and personal to your business.

We build long lasting partnerships with clients, which are mutually beneficial – We work flexibly, openly, supportively and intuitively with our clients to really understand the needs and aspirations of their team, department and organisation. We ask quite a lot of questions, so we really understand your business, but we’re just as interested in listening to your answers,

We aim to inspire those we work with so that they feel energised, positive and confident by the time we’ve finished working together – This applies as much to our relationships with clients as the individuals and teams we facilitate, coach and mentor and is essential to encouraging long term personal and organisation change.

We keep it simple, pragmatic and relevant – From creating safe spaces where people can gain insight and teams can talk about the tough stuff, to sharing material and models in a way that immediately makes sense. From using examples that are directly relevant to encourage quicker learning and application, to taking complex theories and turning them into everyday analogies. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, then our feeling is it shouldn’t be there!

Kirsten is a highly skilled facilitator, with deep technical knowledge to draw on. I have seen her contribute to a wide range of work at Nestle, all of which has been delivered in a highly professional , credible and business focused way. She is also tremendous fun to work with. It’s a testament to her capability and personality that she has built long lasting relationships at Nestle and continues to work with our business.

Ali Beresford – Talent & Resourcing Manager, Nestle

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