Each piece of work is designed and facilitated with your business needs and goals in mind and which work specifically and exclusively for you. I have experience in the public, private and charity sector and work with leaders and teams in a range of small and large organisations across the UK.

With expertise in facilitation, design, coaching and consultancy, I particularly specialise in the areas of Leadership, Team and Facilitator Development, with examples below:

Leadership Development

2 Day programmes for new managers or managers of very small teams – focusing on the day to day essentials of leading and managing a team, topics would include: setting expectations, motivation, building trust, managing performance, communication, giving feedback

2 Day programmes for experienced leaders or leaders of larger teams – focusing on leading teams through significant challenges or re-motivating/re-energising a team, topics would include: leading teams through change, leadership styles, emotional intelligence, motivation, team dynamics and emotional resilience

4 day programmes for senior leaders – focusing on strategic leadership, topics would include: driving organisational change, visionary leadership, creating a high performing culture, leadership styles, communication strategies and managing poor performance

6 month leadership programmes – focusing on preparing new leaders for their role and enhancing the skills of experienced leaders, these programmes are often asked for by organisations who are looking for a culture shift, want to increase their leadership pool or have specific skills they’d like to support staff in developing.

Senior Team Away Days – An opportunity to review, reflect and explore goals and aspirations for the future.

Individual Leadership Coaching – Protected time for leaders to reflect on their approach, refocus their vision and priorities and improve results (6 sessions are recommended)

Interview coaching– Coaching and support for medical and clinical staff who are preparing for an important upcoming interview (2-3 sessions are recommended)

Graduate Development – Bespoke graduate development programmes or 1 day programmes on topics such as emotional intelligence for graduates.

Team Development

Senior Leadership Team Away Days – An opportunity for senior teams who are under significant pressure to have facilitated time together, helping them to communicate honestly with each other, renew individual and team energy and focus, and strengthen overall performance.

Team Away Days – Useful for teams who are going through large scale change, are feeling overwhelmed or have ‘lost their way’ – the away day provides an opportunity to explore how the team works together, raises morale and energy levels, re-focuses on the core purpose of the team and looks at how to increase the ease with which results are achieved.

Team Development Programme – Particularly helpful for newly formed/merged teams or teams under significant pressure, with a focus on: vision and values, identifying roles and priorities, agreed ways of working, team morale and communication, goals and aspirations, measures of success.

Facilitator Development

Masterclasses and Events: There are always workshops, masterclasses and events taking place throughout the year. Here’s where you can find everything that’s coming u over the next few months: what coming up over the next couple of months.


Facilitation Supervision: If you’d value the time and space to shine a gentle light on your facilitation. To explore your approach, and to think about what’s influencing and shaping it – then these 90 minute sessions (one off or quarterly check in’s) are for you.

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Facilitation Debrief: Sometimes I leave a session I’ve facilitated excited about the possibilities created; other times not so much. Sometimes I carry the emotion of a session with me into the coming days, or feel I could have achieved more. Often it’s like there’s a nugget of learning waiting around the corner, but I don’t quite know how to get to it. I wish I’d had the opportunity to debrief with someone at that moment, and I’m so delighted I can offer it to you now.

Use the contact box at the bottom of the page to get in touch and book a slot.

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